Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Studying modern art

Now I am studying Fine Arts. It is my second career. Well there are lots of reasons for studuing the second career, so I will not go into details now.
The current carrier is called “free arts”. I suppose, everybody gives his/her own meaning to these words. Nevertheless, there is one thing, which is very clear about studying modern art: No one can teach you that. Because, in my opinion, none really knows what it is. All the professors got their formation long ago, they were taught accordingly to a different scheme. And now a student must discover by him/herself what is that “contemporary” art everybody speaking about. Once you have stepped on this path of discovery sooner or later you would find yourself alone there, because it is discovery of your own self.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

just to start the blog

Well I do not know how to start my blog in a "fancy" manner. So I write whatever came to my mind: Hard-boiled eggs.
Usually I like to eat 'em, but it takes quite some time to cool 'em down and peel. So recently I discovered that if after cooking I put them in cold water with lots of ice, they are ready to be peeled without any problem and to be eaten. Chilled, just as I like them.
Perhaps half of the world uses this method for ages, but I did not know about it. So, I believe, I discovered it myself several days ago.
P.S. I did a spell check, and discovered that suggested dictionary does not have the word "blog".